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      Hi Sharon,

      They SAY that every 6 weeks is a good amount of time in which to get blood tests. I’m not exactly clear on what’s going on with you though — do you mean to say you have the Graves’ antibodies, but have *never* gone hyper (by their tests)? So you’ve had no treatment, but you *feel* hyper? That’s what it sounds like.

      If you feel hyper, even though the TSH levels look “normal,” it may well be that you are more hyper than is comfortable for your body. I’m sure you’ve seen on this board that the range of “normal” is actually quite large, and some people feel much better on one end of the scale than the other. This is something we can control once we’ve gone hypo and we’re on replacement, by adjusting our replacement dose, but in your position it would be different.

      ALL THAT SAID — if you don’t like the way your doctor is treating your illness, get another one. You hire them by going into their office, you can fire them by going to a different one. I feel very fortunate that my doctor tells me he will treat my feelings before he will treat my numbers. I’d say keep looking until you find one that’s willing to do that.

      Hoping you feel better soon!


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        I am a hyperthyroid(Graves) patient on PTU for last six weeks. My doctor is ordering blood tests every two and half weeks. After ten days he reduced the dosage by about 40 %. He always seems to order the following tests: CBC with Plats and Diff; Thyroxine T4 Total; TSH; and T4 Free. He never seems to order T3 Uptake. Does anyone know why he doesn’t order T3 Uptake? Thanks in advance for the comments/answers-Sam

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