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      I’ve been wondering about this topic, too. While on PTU, there was a brief period when I was off the beta blockers, feeling relatively good, and getting back to exercise, and a bit of normality. Then the symptoms came galloping back. My endo had blood work done, told me it was normal, and flat out told me that whatever the symptoms were coming from, it was “not my thyroid.” I have a couple of problems with this response, not the least of which is that she couldn’t tell me “where” it was coming from, or “why” it was identical to the symptoms that had me nagging, beggin and pleading for a diagnosis all summer.

      If anybody comes up with any information on any of the web sites about this topic, I would really love to read up on it. Are there studies that show that if your blood work is normal, you cannot have symptoms caused by the disease? That seems to be what my doctor was telling me.

      Given the doctors’ reliance on blood work to assure themselves that all is hunky dory, despite how we feel, this makes me just a bit nervous.

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        My Free T3, T4 are back in the normal range. My TSH is still undetectable, although for
        one week it got up to .1…., then went back down. When do the symptoms decide to ease up? I assumed (and you know
        what they say about assuming) that when the T3 and T4 were good, that I would be
        hunky doory. I recently was convinced to try a different beta blocker and did not
        have a bad reaction, so at least the rapid heart rate is getting some control.
        What about that tense and edgy feeling? Mine happens at certain times of the day, early AM, late afternoon
        and if it wakes me up midnight…then throughout the day there have been times of
        actually feeling like “me.” Are there any remission success stories out there?

        I’m trying not to let this thing conquer me, I’m doing relaxation things, exercising,
        eating right, taking vitamins, spending alot of time praying. I’d LOVE to take a day off from
        this insidious thing! Glynis

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          Hi Glynis and Bobbi

          This has really been the eternal question of Graves’. My doctor tells me frankly that there is just a lot that isn’t known about this disease. I have euthyroid graves’ eye disease and my thyroid has tested great for the last 3 1/2 years, and yet I am sick about half the time, went thru the high heart rate, have the depression, ache all over, etc, etc.

          Just enjoy the good days (or hours)!


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            Glynis..One of my doctors told me that I’d need to have normal blod levels for a year at least so that the tissues in the body got back to normal. Well I’ve never had more than one six week period with normal levels. I’m soo frustrated!!!

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