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      I finally decided to get an appointment with a cardiologist for the palpitations, elevated heart rate, and heat intolerance I am still experiencing despite the fact I am hypO and am 17 months post-RAI. My endocrinologist casually suggested I see a cardiologist because there is no remaining thyroid tissue and I’m not even euthyroid let alone hypER, so I should not still be experiencing these symptoms unless they are not thyroid-related.

      When I explained my symptoms to the receptionist, she said the specialist I need is an electrophysiology cardiologist. The next appointment is only 4 days before my OD, so she is working on getting me in much sooner. The surgeons’ (ENT and oculofacial) offices don’t require an EKG since I’m so young and have had two clean cardiac workups in the last 30 months, but I would feel more comfortable if I had an explanation for why I STILL need to take 10mg of propranolol every morning and another 5mg if I have two glasses of wine with dinner (I seem to be OK with one glass). I have also been told by my best friend/nurse and my endo that there are better options than propranolol if I MUST be on a beta blocker and now someone on these boards has mentioned being short of breath because of propranolol, and I have definitely experienced shortness of breath without an explanation many times.

      Has anyone else needed to stay on a beta blocker well after treating Graves, or when hypO? It is not something I want to stay on much longer as it caused my LDL to double since starting it upon my Graves diagnosis and my endo confirmed this is a known side effect.

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        I was on Propranolol at first but it was keeping my heart rate up and down all of the time. I was going crazy taking 6 pills a day. My old Endo did not want to change it so I changed Endos. My Primary said it was crazy that I was having to go through all that and immediately changed my Rx to Metoprolol, which I take only once a day and keeps my heart constant. I’m still on Methimazole though. I believe thyroid problems can cause cholesterol problems. Anyway, maybe changing the Rx might help. It helped me.

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          I take metoprolol, I have taken this since my RAI in 2010. I helps regulate my rate below 90. The heat that you feel could just be hormones. I know I go through these sweating heat spells for no reason. They come and go. Yes I am on the low side of normal (Simi hypo) doc for some reason likes me there in stead of the high side of normal. I feel better on the high side of normal with no sweating or hot flashes.

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