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      I was diagnosed with Graves in June of 97 (hospitalized for five days
      with heart rate of 200 and atrial fibrillation); things have settled
      down with respect to my cardiac status, and my condition is more or less
      controlled with PTU and beta blocker, but I’m tired all the time and I
      think maybe I don’t need the beta blocker at all. I had bllod tests and
      the results haven’t come back yet, but I was curious whether everyone who
      is being treated with antithyroid drugs also needs beta blockers? My
      heart rate was really high when I was still in fibrillation, but the
      fibrillation stopped late last summer, and my resting heart rate is now
      mostly around 60-65. I’m really hoping to do without the beta blocker.

      I’m sure a lot of my difficulty is the unhappiness associated with
      my husband’s death; he died from melanoma at the age of 59 four months
      ago–he had been undergoing treatment for the melanoma for a little over
      a year, but had chemo for more than five years before that for
      lymphoma/leukemia, so it’s been a long stressfull time (and yet he was
      able to keep on working until two weeks before his death!).


        Post count: 93172

        If you go of the Beta Blockers and after a while have trouble with cramps and so on in your muscels, be sure to get back at Beta Blockers again.
        Thats what happened to me.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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