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      Today my nephew graduated from HS. I was invited to go eat with the family and friends. Well I went, thinking I could eat from the salad bar…There was not a salad bar. The choise for the day was fresh catfish, and I do mean fresh, or steak of all sorts. Well me not being a big steak eater, decided to eat the fish which I shouldn’t have, from everything I’ve read, and then I dicided to be a good girl and drink water, but they failed to warn me that it was well water and puetred (sp). So the only other choises were pepsi or icetea with lots of sugar added to it, so pepsi here I come. I wish the dr. were around to take my blood, and find out what me levels are now, cause this is the best I’ve felt in probably a yr. or more…I’ll probable crash hard tomorrow , but it is a nice feeling good for one afternoon, I have so much energy, it’s kind of scary….Feeling like a million today:>)

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