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      That was great! Hope this inspires at least one person out there!
      Bless you!

      See you Wednesday evening(local group meets so Jake and I will be a little late! Start the party without us!).


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        I received this poem in an e-mail and thought that some
        of you might enjoy it to….

        by Rick Bass:
        “If it is Wild to your own heart, protect it,
        preserve it, love it, fight for it, and
        dedicate yourself to it.
        Whether it is a Mountain range, your wife,
        your husband, or even, heaven forbid, your job.

        It doesn’t matter if it is wild to anyone else,
        if it is what makes your heart sing, if it is what
        makes your day soar, like a Hawk in the summer
        time, then fight for it.

        Because for sure it is wild.

        And if it is wild, it will mean you are still
        FREE, no matter where you are.”

        Wishing you all health and wildness,
        Sheila H.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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