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      Yes, that is right. I forgot that one.


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        Good Afternnon,
        Has anyone had or hear of this procedure for excessive tearing? I
        am aware and know about the tear plugs. But I came across an article and this
        isa fairly new procedure. I will call my neuro-opthamologist about it.

        The article I saw states this-
        “Tears, produced in the lacrimal gland above the eye, wash
        the eye’s surface and then drain into a tiny opening in the eyelid, called the
        puncta. From here, the tears enter into the tube-like lacrimal ducts which begin at th e eye’s orbit
        and empty through an outlet into the base of the nose.”

        “To treat partial obstruction of the tear duct, the surgeon inserts a lengthy,
        wire-thin balloon catheter through the puncta and down into the obstructred
        tear duct. Once in position, the “balloon” part of the catheter
        is expanded to widen the obstructed tube.” The
        process is repeated several times until the catheter is deflated and

        “To treat total obstruction, the surgeon, instead of widening the tear duct, uses
        the balloon catheter to create a hole in the bony wall of the nose so that the tear flow is
        rerouted. This is done without the need for open cutting surgery and
        therefore results in minimal swelling,
        pain and recovery time.”

        The procedure has a 98 percent success rate. If anyone has had this and
        would like to share this with us
        please do.

        Thanks. Have a great day!.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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