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      I have bags under my eyes that I don’t believe would have been
      there without Graves Eye Disease. They came with the swelling of
      all my eye tissue and muscles. Most of my eye troubles settled down
      for about a year, but seem to be creeping back. Tearing, redness,
      burning, sensitivity to light, and muscle ache. I have one eye with
      more proptosis than the other, also more lid retraction. I’m putting
      off eyelid surgery for now. I agree, though, I sure don’t recognize
      myself in the mirror. For the first 40 years of my life, people always
      commented on my beautiful eyes. Now they just look old and tired and
      uncomfortable. YUCK

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        This week I went for lengthy testing for how severe my double vision is. This report will go to my Ophthalmologist before he does the muscle surgery. The doctor doing the testing commented to her student that the bags under my eyes had lessened after decompression surgery, which is correct.

        After the muscle surgery I will be having eyelid surgery and at that time the fatty tissue above and below my eyes will be removed. Obviously the cosmetic surgery is the last. To me the most important thing is that I can see and these days even without sunglasses!

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          I am developing rather unattractive bags under my eyes, and I think that my Graves’ disease must be largely responsible (in addition to my tendency to stay up waaay too late at night!). My doctor has asked me many times about how long I have had this swelling, and I have always tended to minimize it. However, now even I can’t its existence. Assuming that I don’t develop post-RAI exacerbation of my thyroid eye disease, do the bags tend to improve along with the lid retraction, etc, after treatment? I know that this is a VERY minor concern, and I am grateful to have been spared some of the more severe manifestations of TED, but it would be very encouraging to think that I can look forward to a time when I look and feel like myself again!

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            I, for one, always thought Bette Davis had GREAT eyes!! OK, I know that isn’t what you mean BDE, but…. ; ) I had huge bags develop after RAI. Actually, it was swelling that went from eyebrow to cheek bone. And turned, at one point, a truly putrid shade of mauve. As I was trying to cover it up with industrial strength cosmetics one day, I announced to my husband that if ANYBODY at church that morning made a comment about my eyes, I was going to tell them that he beat me. He paled and gulped, because it could have been taken as true. The swelling took quite a while to go down (probably because there was so much of it), but it did go away.

            That said, there is undoubtedly a need to remind that with Graves’, and the way our bodies react individually to the changes, we can only give GUESSES to questions like yours. It is the same with the weight issue, and a lot of other things. Some gain, some don’t, I continued to lose for quite a while after RAI (go figure). With the eye-lid retraction, SOMETIMES it goes away once the thyroid hormone levels return to normal, and sometimes minor surgical intervention is needed. With the eye bags, sometimes those do not go away, either. I lost the ones UNDER my eyes, but the swelling from lid to eyebrow is still there, if only not quite as bad.

            Wishing you good health,

            Bobbi —

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