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      This is the best I’ve read yet!!!
      Everybody get out a piece of paper.

      Write this down: “Steroid Receptors and Disease” edited by
      Peter J. Sheridan
      pg 289-308
      Read THIS!!!!
      This book is based on tons of studies (by seemingly hundreds of doctors!!!) that have linked Autoimmune diseases, including Graves’ to the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) and specifically to the ratio between the two! This is why many women have autoimmune problems when pregnant! This is also why women have it more than men, because it is directly related to the estrogen side of the ratio. This is also why it is stress related, because cortisol (an hormone) is released in stress, and changes the estrogen and testosterone ratio! When the estrogen is high to testosterone autoimmunities can occur. This book is great but takes real slow reading and a medical dictionary. But here is the best thing (maybe the most frustrating thing!!!)-
      The is a proposed forth treatment with low level testosterone based steroids. Don’t freak- when this was written back in 1988, there weren’t any good anabolic steroids out there for women- but this has changed. But first let me say that the FDA does not allow steroid use for graves-it’s not approved!!!! Why? Because of the abuse that occurs- but does that make sense? No. Most of the atheletes that abuse the stuff get it from out of the country anyway. Anyway, right now only HIV+ patients and a select other can get the therapy. But I have spoke to three docs in the United Kingdom who use this treatment for people with autoimmune diseases.
      Anyway I’m going to research this more. I want to find out why it is such a secret in the US.

      PS- Just for your info, these studies were suppressed by the FDA in 1988 because the FDA was just about to pass the Anabolic Steroid Act that severely limited the use of steroids- at that time the FDA had the community believeing that these drugs were “bad” and “dangerous” and didn’t want a huge wave of people wanting them back. Could this be a Government coverup??????????????

        Post count: 93172


        That is VERY interesting. I have a history of progesterone deficiency, which makes my ratio of estrogen/progesterone all out of whack. When I started taking progesterone supplements during the latter half of my cycle a few months into my treatment for GD, my Graves INSTANLY improved and continued to improve month after month.

        Keep checking into it, I’m all ears!


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