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      Well, I’m 4 weeks post RAI, and my endo released me to go back to work last Monday with only a no ladder climbing restriction for two weeks . However, my workplace clinic included a bunch of other restrictions for one month: no ladders, no lifting or pushing anything over 30 lbs, minimun stairs, minimum ramps. I’m OK with that, but it means I can’t go on the boats or in the drydocks for now. I did alot of walking on Monday, so legs hurt. They have sent me back to the weld school to practice welding since I haven’t done it since Oct. It’s not hard or stressful, I have been just sitting and welding but already after 2 days, I am one stiff person!! Guess it’s going to take awhile.

      Also, I normally work in the nuclear field here, so when I checked in through our dispensary, they did a ‘reading’ on me since I am only 1 month post RAI. I pegged out the frisker!!! I was really surprised, but the radcon tech wasn’t. So until my readings are lower, I cannot wear a TLD (dosimeter for radiation exposure), although the techs said I shouldn’t affect anyone else at this point. I had just figured it was all gone by now.

      Other than that, I am feeling better. Have not bottomed out yet, but with get a blood test next week to see where I am at.

      Thank you everyone for being here.

      Cathy H.

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