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      Excellent! It’s great to hear more success stories. One thing I’d like to add for the common group: those people trying the drug therapy…give it some time. I remember when I first started treatment and stopped in at a Thyroid-related newsgroup, many visitors talked about how they tried the drugs for two or three months, felt fine, went off the drugs and then got worse. Give the drugs some time, and give your body some time to adjust to the changes it goes through. I gained about 10 pounds in the first month of drug treatment, but then I adopted a healthy regimen, i.e. diet and exercise and took the pounds off just as quickly as I put them on. And most of all, be good to yourself! I’ve adopted a habit of getting a massage every two weeks or so, for example. Find something that makes you feel “taken care of,” especially during the adjustment period. I could go on and on…hang in there!

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