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      Hi all, Has anyone been off betablockers for awhile and put back on? I was diagnosed 6/97, taken off propranolol(spelling?) by MD, today Endo
      says back on, he put me on Atenolol because my blood pressure and heart rate are still high. Has anyone had any side effects from atenelol?
      Propanolol gave me horrible, vivid nightmares and I couldnt sleep. Maybe being on the betas again will get rid of my very frequent headaches. Has anyone else been getting a lot of headaches?

      I’m going to Florida next week to visit the In-laws, I hope I am ok and dont ruin hubby’s vacation, I’m so worried about how I’ll be feeling,
      maybe the atenolol will help calm me down! Any responese will be appreciated!

      Hope all are well soon,


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        Hi, Joanie:

        Side effect issues are very personal. Some people can take a drug with no problem, while others react negatively to it. It sounds like your endo is giving you a beta blocker that has a different chemical basis than your first one, and this perhaps may make a difference. The action of these different drugs is more or less the same (i.e. lowering heart rate and blood pressure), but if the chemical is different you may not suffer the same side effects. It’s like switching from aspirin to ibuprofin for pain relief–different chemicals but more or less the same results. All you can do is try, and hope.

        I hope you have a good trip. And enjoy the warmth of Florida.

        Take care,


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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