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      Well, had a “general” look over. Told the doctor about the GD, the Klippel-Feil syndrome, the Diabetes, the Asthma and she signed the temporary disability permit. YEAH! One up for our side! She said it was temporary until I saw an Ortho doc. Then, she found out something else… a HEART MURMUR.. Oh NO! Don’t worry, I had it for a while, not too big a deal. Well, I now have to take 600mg’s of
      Motrin 4x a day. That’s a lot, you say? Nah, it’s like when I really have the BAD PMS days. It’s okay, all I get for side effects are : gas and sleepiness, but it goes away when I excersize. That’s another thing, I can’t use my cane! Really! I just got to shivelry again, now I have to give it up!
      Looking back, I guess I’m pretty lucky I have a lot of good friends on this BB. I had an idea of helping start one for Klippel-Feil syndrome.

      So, steve, I hope you are feeling better. You’ll get used to those tripe to the ER. What’s good about the County hospital now is that they have an ADVICE NURSE which is GREAT for me because I don’t have to ask the stupid feeling questions to a doctor and have a cold shoulder. Wish other hospitals had this feature. It’s only for the ones who are being treated in the center though, which is a disadvantage to others.
      Don’t worry about those “bumps” in the night. Try to think of things that will calm you down. When I get scared, I count backwards. I could never count all the way before falling asleep. If I did, I’d count in a different language.

      Remember, we’re counting on that wry humor of yours, so you better get better!

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Ann N. ……your message was so positive! I like your style! I must
        admit, the counting in a different language backfired on me. I started
        counting in Spanish, and couldn’t remember one. So what did I do? I got
        up and looked it up. Then I said, ok, Cl…go back to English! I was out
        in a matter of seconds. later….Clp

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