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      Could anyone tell me if an auto accident cause Graves disease through injury to the thyroid. I was in a accident and started getting symptoms of Graves disease with in a week or two after the accident. My doctors will not commit themselves with a definite answer. I am looking for any documentation or persons that I can contact to get my Questions answered. Thankyou Richard K.

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        Trauma, whether physical or mental does seem to precipitate Graves in some cases, they say in some of the literature. No one seems to really know what the mechanism is but apparently it is not physical thyroid damage. Weird stuff.

        I fell about 12′ onto my butt while rock climbing just before I started with Graves. No telling if it really had anything to do with it or not.


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          Hi Richard, I too, had an accident,on Nov.21/95, cervicalspine surgery
          3/27/96, May9/96 Graves disease showed up on my doorstep. Never had a symptoms
          before. Strong,active person. working my way back from surgery. I too have
          not beenable to have a doctor commit to trauma caused thyroid disease.
          Just had EMG/NCV.done on left arm and neck. The doctor informed me at the
          end of the test I had carple tunnel syndrom. I have never had this before.
          But,I’ve never had Graves disease before either, so much involved every cell
          cell in the body. I teach autistic children. I fear for the loss of my sight
          and mental stability.I love my students and assumed I would return as
          soon as i recouperated from surgery.One day at a time. Take care Sheila :D

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            Richard my graves came 1 year after my car accident if
            that helps, but i don’t think it was the cause for my disease
            i wish i new how i got graves.

            thanks steve

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