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    I figure that most of you are located in America so I thought I’d let
    you know about my experiences with GD in South Australia. I was
    diagnosed in March of this year and have been taking carbimazole, having
    decided that I’d rather take the chance that a cure might be found for
    this disease and I didn’t want to irrevocably damage an organ that isn’t
    the problem…assuming that the autoimmune system theory causing this
    disease is correct, that is.
    My symptoms are not very significant, with the disease originally
    showing up as a tremor and thumping heart noticeably at night, as well
    as some weakness in my legs when driving (actually when pressing the
    brake pedal at stoplights.
    Now I’m experiencing some hair loss which my Endo attributes to the
    carbimazole, so he’s reduced my intake to 4 tablets per day (was 6) and
    I’m on Thyroxine as well because I started to become hypo.
    Since being diagnosed, I’ve found out about 6 other people who also
    have it including 2 work colleagues so it really appears quite
    widespread. I’m glad to have found this support group and I’m spreading
    the news to others so that they can tune in if they wish.

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