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      Seems to me—these are the worst two months of the year for Graves
      patients…..and i am sure most normally healthy people…..but
      somehow i believe that the extremes i n weather exasurbates our symptoms in these months…. heat intolereance is the worst……and i think that the antibodies fly through our thinned blood stream……btw can someone ask at the confrence if synthyroid thins your blood– have been haunted by that question…and if it does….does it make sense that we need less if we go through seasons as we do here in the east….because our blood thins naturally??? someone there must know that answer….

      I know my symptoms are worse in the summer and i get easily fatigued in the winter,,,,hybernation feeling.hmmm i wonder if a bears thyroid shuts down in the winter????…sure these are all normal things…but we gravers know how much worse now it is than in used to be…….

      well hope all of you have a good time in Colorada–i cant go because i know that if i did–i may not return…..ever…….seriously…..

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