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      I was in desperate need of a Graves Support Group yesterday and went to a Chronic Illness support grouip. I asked Kakroll how we could start a support group on AOL . This way we have two support groups on different nights so we can offer support and get support easier and faster. Here is the reply I was given. Please send me your decisions if you want to help me get one started to Here is the e-mail I got about starting a support group. And no I will not be the leader but maybe one of you would like to be the facillitator.

      Subj:        Re: Need an AOL Graves Support room
      Date:        97-08-25 10:26:12 EDT
      From:        HRS Ren
      To:        MFuller552

      Hi Miriam,

      Mary asked that I respond to your request to start a new group. :) We really appreciate your willingness to start a group for Graves Disease support.

      The Better Health mutual support groups are truly the heart of our community. The opportunity for people to reach out and receive strength and support — and then turn around and give it back to someone in need is at the core of our mission. Thank you for being willing to become a part of this.

      Better Health mutual support groups meet weekly in one of our public rooms for 1 hour. To learn more about us (and our current schedule of mutual support groups), just Keyword: Better Health. Then click on the Events, Chats & Group Meetings button.

      The general process for starting a new group is as follows:

      1. You can begin by posting a message in the message boards at Keyword: Better Health. Your post could ask people if they are interested in getting together. You could post in various message board folders that you think are appropriate. Also, ask them what the best day and time might be and tell them to email you with their responses. (Usually it takes a few weeks for enough people to see the message and respond back with a good day and time.)

      2. Once you’ve been given input via the message boards — and if enough people (about 10-12) are willing to commit to an on-going regularly scheduled meeting — we can then move to the next step.

      We generally start groups on a 30-day pilot. It’s important to see how it goes and to give the facilitator for the group an opportunity to get a feel for the responsibility of overseeing weekly meetings.

      Please let me know if you have any questions about starting an online mutual support group in the Better Health & Medical Network. I look forward to your response.

      Have a good day. :)

      For Better Health,

      Better Health & Medical Network (keyword Better Health)

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