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      I visited my endo. today nearly three months after taking 10 milicuries of I-131, and he said my T-4 is 1.0 (low normal) and TSH .002 (way too low. He said he won’t start thyroid supplement until the TSH is high and the T-4 still dropping. I asked why I still have some hyperthroid symptoms, and he said it takes the body awhile to catch up, and that I could expect it to take six months after my thyroid level is stabilized to be feeling “normal” again. Actually, I have been feeling better the last two weeks than for a long, LONG time! I’ve actually had some moments of calm and peacefull well-being! I’m to see him immediately if I start to feel lousy; otherwise, I get more labs next month and see him again. He said I could begin exercising slowly, and he gave me more diuretics for the frequent fluid retention I still fight, despite being careful of salt intake. (He told me the fluid retention could be related to an imbalance of female hormones caused by the thyroid imbalance.) Anyway, I’m finally feeling very hopeful, and want to share this with all!

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