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      You mentioned “synthroid has been making .137 for a rather
      long time?” You must be getting confused with Levothroid
      or Levoxyl. They both come in a dose of .137. Synthroid
      does not have a dose of .137 available at this time.

      I spoke with Gilbert Mayor of Knoll Pharmaceuticals and he
      said they will be making a .137 of Synthroid. However, he
      could not say the date it would be available.

      Some people do not do well on Levothroid and Levoxyl.
      Therefore, I feel this is important information for those
      that need this dose and have to take Synthroid.

      That’s great that they cut out the Yellow #5 dye 10 years
      ago. However, I guess there’s still a problem with the
      dyes, because some people still have allergic reactions and
      they go away when they take the .05 dose. In my opinion,
      it would be much better to make pills that don’t contain
      any dyes.


        Post count: 93172

        I have just been reading the posts for the last couple of days. The dialogue about the “Interesting Article” was good, and it is so good to read things that people have obviously read, thought about, and put effort into responding. In fact, I printed out most of them to take with me to the Endocrine Society meeting in Minneapolis in early June. There will be about 6,000 doctors there — involved in research as well as clinical practice. I could take several hundred posts that I have printed out, but think I will restrict it to these. I am also taking a couple that ask lots of good questions, as I will be seeing a couple of the speakers that will be at our conference. It will give them something to be incorporating into their talks. If there is ANYONE out there that is wavering on coming to the conference, PLEASE e-mail me. I will do whatever it takes to help you get there (within reason). There is no way for anyone that hasn’t been before to have a clue as to how much you learn, and how empowered you feel. It is very user-friendly, and geared just for us–not doctors.

        The number for eye pillows is 1-800-829-6580. They make taking a nap a pleasure, for just enough pressure in the weight of the seeds to keep your eyes closed. A couple of months ago I posted the instructions for how to tape your eyes. The title was probably “Taping your eyes”. I ran it by the doctor, and he said they were very good instructions. There is a small art to doing it, but with large results. Putting the Duolube in without poking your eye out is also an art, but you will get good at it soon enough. If you put the eye pillow in the freezer, be sure to put it inside a zip-lock plastic bag. If the flax seeds get moist, they will SPROUT!

        Synthroid has been making .137 for a rather long time–maybe a couple of years. It is teal colored. All the drug manufacturers have replaced Yellow #5, which was the most problemmatic dye. That was done about ten years ago. When in absolute doubt, your doctor can prescribe some combination of the of the white pill (.05) to make your dose (as long as it is an standard dose).

        It is good to be back a little bit on the board.


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