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      I apologize for anybody that I agravated. Perhaps I left one very important
      part out of my posting. The fact of age. Your age is very important.
      I was glad to see a couple of people stand up. That is the point I was
      trying to make, and I think it got through. Each and every person
      who goes to their endo or doc has the right to stand up and ask or disagree.
      Persuade? No, I wasn’t trying to persuade, if I spelled that right.
      The truth is that any number of the postings here could be construed
      as persuasive in one aspect or another, and that I feel is perfectly fine.
      What have we all learned from life? That when we see things that we have
      never seen before, we ask questions. That is what the basis of my posting was for
      To prompt questions. Ask questions of everyone, get all the knowledge
      that you can…don’t take just my opinions, take a hundred peoples opinions, take
      your doctor’s opinions, take other doctor’s opinions. Perhaps I missed that
      point last night at 3:00 in the morning. For that I apologize, but I am on the side
      of each and everyone who suffers from any disease. We must remember that we are
      lucky in that we have several types of treatment available for us, many other people
      with other diseases do not have that capability. But regretfully, many people with
      this disease are not given the choices that that should. That is my frustration.
      To those that believe that the thyroid “burns out” you are partially correct.
      Again, It comes down to age and timing. All I will say is that I know aleast a
      hundred people whose thyroids are perfectly normal after one year of treatment.
      But I must also say that they are all between 15 and 28 years of age.
      I do believe that age is a key factor.
      That is all I will say. I apologize to anyone that I may have upset.

      Thank You,


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