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      YES!!!!! If your doctor is affraid of knowing less then you do, he
      probably already does. I have learned that most GOOD doctors don’t mind
      you asking questions, and researching they problems with YOUR body. Of
      course when they tell you that there are some strange things out there, and
      not to believe everything your read, well that is sound advice. I tell everyone
      dealing with doctors today, that they are no different then your plummer, and
      in many cases much more dangerous. It’s your body, and in the end if you wouldn’t
      have it done to your pipes, don’t have it done to your body. By the way, literally
      firing your doctor is very effective, and hits them in the ego. Keep asking
      around, and find a doctor who is open to your concerns and who doesn’t brush
      you assie because he has never heard of it before. Good luck.

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        Janine that is so true. I knew this doctor was kind
        of weird. Very arrogant too. I’m stuck with him
        because there is no other around. Before I moved
        to my previous residence my former GP encouraged
        me to find out as much as possible.

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          Strange advice, indeed!


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            Hi Everyone,

            I think that I may have written before about my Gp suggesting
            to me that it was a bad idea to read articles on GD.
            His actual words were ” Your reading to much “
            My aunt just got diagnosed with an hyperactive thyroid
            and she is in Ontario for a thyroid scan.
            He also told her the same thing, not to read things
            on Graves because it may be misleading information
            that just may make things sound worse then they actually
            are. She would call me to ask questions. Does this
            sound like strange advice?

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              KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! Of course you should know as much as you can about the disease you are experiencing. Think of all that is learned here on the bb. If it wasn’t for the BB I would not have known that double vision was so common to graves eye disease. I would not have sought help quickly. And I would not have run to get a second opinion when my first Dr. said he’ll see me in 6 months. If I had listened to him, My eyes would be bulging out of my head by now.Instead I’m on my way to “normal”.Yes, it can be confusing when bombarded with alot of info at once,some of it conflicting-then read more-learn more.Knowledge never hurt…..gwen

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