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      My wife got graves’ and it showed that she had heart problems
      by the thyroid causing the heart to work harder. She got angina
      and went in for open heart bypass surgery within a month of diagnosis.
      She was 42. The graves probably saved her life, because they
      say the blockage of her main artery was 90%. She would
      have been dead before she hit the floor.

      Hard to say whether your dizziness is graves or circulation
      related. Have you had surgery? The thyroid will put pressure
      on a bad heart. Talk to a cardiologist about it. They may
      want to regulate your thyroid before any surgery if that
      is in the offing.

      Sorry for your bad day. I’ll pray for you. It helps!

      Ken Quick

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        i haven’t had a heart attack yet but i’m
        frighten that my day is close with chest pains
        everyday and the health professionals who aint
        listening to me i know i will drop soon enough
        this has been going on for a year since rai
        sorry to hear the news about your heart i hope
        you will return to full recovery soon


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          I am 49 and male.Had attack Dec.97.Diagnosed with Graves about 2 months ago.
          My HMO endo put me on meds for the two months.After a blood test two weeks ago,he cut meds one third.Today am feeling dizzy and very tired.I was feeling mostly ok for the past three weeks.
          Very scary for me today,caause i dont know what medical problem is acting.Just took a anxiety pill.Sorry to ramble on ,but a bad day for me.
          Anyone with similar problems

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