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      Yo Yo is right on the money. Doctors gave me little mind exersizes to help cope.

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        As you start to feel better on anti-thyroid meds, is this a two steps
        forward, one step back situation? I mean, do you have periods of feeling
        well (or just better in varying degrees), punctuated by occasional slips
        back to symptoms (but never as far back)? That seems to be what is
        happening with me. The periods of feeling better get longer and the
        bad days come less frequently or severely. I’m wondering if this
        is just the way of it…and eventually will there be a continuous stretch
        of feeling better that knows no relapse?

        Even though the periods of okay (and a better type of OK each time) are
        longer, it seems that the slight relapse are more aggravating because
        they are so disheartening when in direct contrast to the wellness. This
        probably doesn’t make much sense…so, could anyone share their experience
        with how they felt with treatment on PTU, such as did you just FEEL better in
        10 – 14 weeks, or did you yo-yo? Thanks. Glynis

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          I was on different dosages of PTU for about a year before I opted for
          RAI–I had already spent one miserable year before I was diagnosed-they
          thought it was post-partum stuff–my girlfriend actually diagnosed
          it NOT the doctor!!! I also had had two babies in 13 months,
          was 38 years old, and worked full
          time as an academic counselor at a university–talk about stress.
          The PTU year was a
          roller-coaster of emotions with lots of back-slides-I finally quit my
          job, decided on RAI–I just couldn’t take the uncertainty of each new
          problem with Graves-even after RAI it took about a year to get the
          synthroid levels right BUT I did feel better, gained weight, my hair
          grew back (curlier even!!) and I was much less depressed. I would
          never try to convince anyone of any course of action but I can just
          give you a little bit of my experience. Hope it helps. Denny

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            Dear Glynis and all,

            I have the same Q about what to expect with PTU. I have been on PTU for 3 weeks, at which time the endo halfed the dosage, and now another about 3 weeks at the lowered dose, and there has been an almost immediate improvement, heart rate down to about 84 the first step, and down to 74-80 now. My energy has been consistently good, and I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. Maybe it won’t. Maybe this is it, and this is right. I still sometimes have a little thigh muscle weakness, but now it comes after cleaning the attic all day, instead of after squating to get a carrot out of the fridge! I continue to meditate 2 times a day as first recommended by Dr Stoll, and thank you for the Bible verses. I also am continuing all the other treatments. Anyone with PTU answers…do you take it just until your symptoms subside and your blood work is normal, or do you take it for a set amount of months? Will I get to a point where my heart is too slow and I am too cold? Dumb question, sorry. Not getting enough sleep tonite. Happy New Year to all, especially Glynis, Pam, Kathleen, Trish, Donna(s), DianeN, Jake, Bruce, Denny, Jessica, Linda, and everyone who has taught me this past several months and all who I’ve forgotton to mention, and all who have put up with my too long posts. Karen B

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              Hi Karen,

              Your doctor sounds a whole lot more intelligent than mine. I was barely
              hyper, IMO, which of course doesn’t count for anything. After 3 weeks of
              Tapazole (not PTU) I felt better. Then, I started feeling worse and
              worse. I called doctor who said Tapazole doesn’t cause such problems
              like nearly wrecking car and becoming very suicidal. My blood work after
              taking it indicates T3 and T4 levels are fine, although TSH is suppressed.
              The insanity leaves within one to two days of not taking medicine. Also,
              Tapazole now is like a diet pill. I eat almost nothing after taking it.
              The good doc said that Tapazole still doesn’t cause any of these problems
              and it’s something in my environment. Why do I feel normal when I stop
              for a day or two if it’s not Tapazole?

              Note, my pulse wasn’t real fast when I went on Tapazole–only in the 80’s.
              Since taking it, it dips down in the 60’s when I’m not smoking. Back when
              I was hyper a couple of years ago, I had a high pulse of 120+bpm, constant
              heat and hunger.

              I don’t like how the doctor calls me a liar and says I’m wrong when I know
              better, but I can’t afford to throw away a bunch of money trying to find
              the right doctor.


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