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      My doctor has perscribed Voltaren-Xr 100mg, which does help with the joint pain.
      I am now able to do most of the things I use to do but I still suffer from
      joint pain and without the Voltaren life would be impossible. Do any of you suffer
      from joint pain and what are some helpful hints. My doctor said this goes along
      with Graves disease and does not know why.

      Margie in Florida

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        It’s interesting to see that doctors don’t always tell one everything about this disease. I have only learned that joint pain goes along with this disease through my own personal research and this bulletin board. I have noticed joint pain ever since being diagnosed with Graves. I’m sure it’s not coincidental. I also notice I feel it much worse after exercising. Does anyone else have this problem?



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          Michele, thanks for the response, I felt like I was a lone ranger before
          with having joint pain. The meds. I am taking at present help but I was
          hopng there might be a miracle drug out there some place. I am able to
          once again bowl, take long walks and to do things that I had to give up
          before I started the Voltaren four months ago. I am new to the internet
          and I have learned more in one day on GD than in two years of going to
          doctors. I had hives for nine months and I was told to see a skin doctor
          then I was told to see an alergist. My theroid doctor didn’t deal with
          hives, I have bulging eyes and occasionally have headackes and I have
          really received a lot of helpful pointers in only two days of being on
          this network. I am not to sure my eye doctor has had a lot of experience
          with GD. I did get a second opinion in Miami. I finally realized I am not
          a lone ranger with up and down yo-yo inside feelings and emotional
          problems and depression is common!!!


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            Hi-I just found this board-I have just been diagnosed with Graves eye after
            six years since RAI–also am having a flare-up of arthritis in my feet.
            I know it is related–any more info on joint pain??

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              I too am experiencing arthritis in my feet after this recent ‘flare-up’
              my eyes are bulging too (6 years after RAI). What is voltaren? Does
              it help? I just went to foot dr. and had shot into joint of anti-inflammatory
              and he put me on Lodine-doesn’t think it is Graves related–ha!
              Sometimes they treat me like I am crazy or a hypochondriac which makes
              me mad!! Thanks, Denny

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                Hi, Denny,

                In the book Your Thyroid A Home Reference by Drs Wood, Cooper, and Ridgway, There is a section about arthritis as relates to Graves disease. I think you might if you want to buy a copy and show him page 103, 88, &111. The book has a list price of 5.99 and I got my copy at Borders, a large chain book store. I would bet that it is pretty easliy available, but one could check with that on line book store “Amazon” ..they sure have a lot there. I found a chapter in the book called “what about your family” that was very interesting, as after the fact I could see there were family signals that thyroid problems were possible: grey hair, diabetes, MVP,left handedness in near relatives…any physician knows that there are clusters of diseases that show up statistically more often when a disease is present. Karen

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                  A couple of other successful strategies which helped me deal with joint pain and muscle cramping: Physical Therapy — my HMO allowed for three sessions only — but it helped.

                  I asked the therapist to teach me some exercises I could do at home. Pool exercises using water-filled plastic bottles and marching back and forth in the shallow end were helpful in building stamina and reducing pain.


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