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      I get that just about every day.
      sometimes i get a tingly feeling and then “pins and needles”
      then my hand goes dead and i cant use it.
      i never went to the doctor for it….dont know why its been happening.
      hope you feel better!
      i usually stick my hands in hot hot hot water.
      it goes away sometimes and then sometimes it stays there.

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        i have a tingling in my hands and my face. this is probably just another
        symptom of this crazy disease. you may have your levels checked. i
        noticed mine and when i had my levels checked, they were, of course,OFF.
        Good Luck! Kit

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          Hi everyone,

          Lately I’ve been getting little tingling sensations in my hands, they
          seem to start there and go up to my elbow. Really strange. I don’t
          know if it’s related to the fluctuation in my thyroid levels or not.


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            I’m new to this BB, but I felt I had to reply to this post. I was on PTU for 16 months. The first 8 were great. The last 8 were very distressing. I suffered from a constant tingling in my hands. I could not knit or peel vegetables without my hands going numb. I knew it was dose related, but couldn’t get a response from my locum. I finally ended up with a specialist and guess what? She took me off PTU and as each day passed, the problem faded and has not returned.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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