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      I hate this, I feel like a teenager blushing!! Or else someone who
      has no control and is loosing it ie. freaking out over small things.
      I only happens when I am at work and in a very stressful situation.
      I feel my face is warm but didn’t think much else about it but people
      notice it- ‘why is your face red’. At these times I am also short of
      breath a bit. I remember when I was a teenager I blushed at times
      but not overly and had no control over it. It is like that now, I can’t
      control it. Normally (for most of my adult years) when I feel
      embarassed all I have to do is relax and control my inner self and can
      will myself not to blush no matter what. NOT NOW!
      So has anyone else experienced this. Can’t remember reading about it
      here, lately anyway.

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        That has happened to me ever since this thyroid disease began. Now, whenever my blood pressure is up – stress, PMS, exertion, whatever, my face gets red! I’ve wondered if it has to do with our skin becoming so fine when hyper – maybe that doesn’t recover as quickly. I’m a very white, white person, so when I turn all flushed it is sooooooo obvious. I don’t remember it ever happening before GD.

        You’re not alone!

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          Last spring and summer, I would get flush on my upper chest rather than my face. I didn’t even have to be out in this Texas sun and I’d get really red. People thought I was sunburn, but I wasn’t. Also, if I ever touched that area, it would get even worse. Eventually it calmed down and doesn’t do that anymore.

          Also, it was so attractive with the skin under my eyes, which has gotten progressively lighter than the surrounding skin.

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            Thanks for sharing this new detail, Koke. I thought I might be allergic to something
            I was eating or drinking in the afternoons at work. My face feels flushed and rough, but it doesn’t
            last long. Maybe four or five hours. Happens three or four times a week, but not everyday.
            I wonder what’s up.

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