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      When I was taking PTU 4 times daily (100mg each time), I took the morning
      dose pretty much on an empty stomach (I did have 1/2 cup coffee before hand),
      next dose right after I ate lunch, the 3rd late afternoon a couple hours
      before dinner and the last just before bed. For the most part I took them
      on an empty stomach. The adsorption rates of your pills can be affected by
      by eating, but for me, I had very few problems, except for the taste PTU left
      in my mouth tended to make anything I ate for dinner taste not so good.
      I don’t know about taking PTU with other meds, but I did take my morning
      dose with my birth control pills and didn’t seem to have any problems (I’m
      not pregnant, so I think that combo, at least for me, was okay).

      Jean C

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        HI Jean C.

        I noticed that if I take PTU on an empty stomach, I would have fewer diarrhea espisodes. Sucking a fruit drop helps get my taste back before eating any meal. Thanks for sharing your experiences with PTU.

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          Hi, Bobbi

          Thanks for printing the info about tips for taking T4 replacements which i will keep in mind when i eventually become hypothyroid.

          I noticed there were none for taking PTU. I have always taken PTU on an empty stomach, 100 mg every six hours. Can one take PTU with other medications like HRT?? Is it better to take PTU with or without food? I asked my pharmacist, and he had no idea…


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