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      Do we have any success stories on people who have gone hypo
      and lost weight? If so, what has worked for you? Fighting this
      battle of the bulge is difficult and with no thyroid our
      metabolism is relied upon by the replacement hormone. Before RAI,
      I lost 25 and now gained about 40. It won’t come off. I exercise
      vigorously, eat like a bird and work hard at it but no go.

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        I did not gain any weight after RAI. Not even when I was literally hypothyroid (which was twice). What I did was very simple — so I don’t know if works for everybody. I suspect that it doesn’t, actually, but for what it’s worth…..

        New diet-type information suggests that by eating too little, our bodies respond by storing fat to “ward off starvation”. I had some experience with that pre-Graves: I was eating almost nothing and watched 15 pounds go on. I kept eating less, skipping meals, and still kept gaining weight. So, after RAI, I actually made myself eat more than I had been, by eating three meals a day, and usually an afternoon snack( a piece of fruit/orange, apple or something). I watched the portions very carefully, because the bottom line is that calories count. I made sure that a lot of what I ate was in the veggies/fresh fruit area of the diet charts. The vegetable dishes I didn’t limit much. I had normal salads, and normal-sized portions of vegetables with meals. I did however watch the meat portions, bread, etc. And I pretty much eliminated sugar sources of calories. Not completely, but mostly. I still had sugar in my coffee, and I still ate a few bites of desserts from time to time — but not much. I even went on a week-long cruise, ate SOME (but not all) of everything at those wonderful, gourmet meals, and did not gain weight. To make a long story short, I ate for my nutrition needs primarily, rather than for diet needs, but I did watch portions and kept a log to keep me honest.

        One lady here apparently had some luck trying the new Zone diet concept, as well, but I don’t know anything about that one.

        Wishing you luck,


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          i dont think it can
          be done i walk 15 miles
          a day and diet and im hypo
          and i am 10 pds over and cant
          lose it sorry but i dont think
          it can be done ;0


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            I have the same story…FAT! Even our numbers are the same! Lost 25 pounds while hyper…gained 40 when hypo…now I’m stuck…so, count me in for one who needs help getting rid of this increasing weight…like the blob…frightening…Rach

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