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      I was just wondering, (I do that sometimes;)if anyone has volunteered for any type of thyroid research and what their experience was with it. I had blood drawn to test for a certain thyroid antibody for the eyes but I came back negative and could not go on the thyroid team.

      Any stories, good, bad or indifferent I am sure we all would like to hear..


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        Hi all,

        Yes My self and my family have taken part in a DNA research project with
        Mt Siani Hospital in NYC. They were looking for people with Graves disease
        (with eye involvement)and a history of Graves in the family. They took my
        blood, my Mom’s (Graves with eye involvement), my son’s (no Graves), and my
        cousin (Graves with eye involvement).

        They are looking for the Gene that causes Graves and are trying to find if
        the genes of people with Graves eye disease are different from those with
        out eye involvement.

        I handed out a paper at the National Graves Disease convention in Louisville
        this year and had a number of people take part in the research. We offered
        to put them on our NGDF web site but they declined since they said they had
        enough donors for the time being. They may put out a call for more latter.

        Will keep you informed as I hear more.

        On-Line Facilitator

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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