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      Just wondering if anyone has heard anything when the browsers will all be back and running..besides just to the BB, Thanks:)

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        No news on the browser front. The server is still up and running. We tried
        to hire a company to flood the browser market but they could not help us until
        the domain thing was fixed. We moved the server to a new site and the domain
        has to show the new site. Near as I can figure the old site is being a pain in
        releasing the domain name and address. An emergency message was sent to the
        browsers on Thursday of last week to reload our sites to the browsers. Once
        that s done we will hire a company to flood the browsers to ensure our site is
        picked up. They will also cross link us. For example when we paid for our domain name we did not think that it did not mention Graves or thyroid.
        So if you did a search on Graves or thyroid NGDF would not show up. This company
        will do a cross link (or index) to servers that thyroid=NGDF or Graves=NGDF so
        will show us as a site to be viewed. In the mean time keep using the URL and
        pass the word to as many as possible to do the same.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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