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      Good Morning,

      I have been sick with a stomach virus since Mon night
      with flu-like symptoms, vomting, diarrhea, no fever but cannot hold down food. Met my endo at the emergency room on Wedsnedsy did blood work to check for infections urinanalysis, everything came back fine. I donot think they believed how sickI had been for the past few days.As I was sick in the E.R. as they were waiting to se me. The hospital released me and here it is Friday and I still cannot shake this bug, Does anybody have any good home remedies, suggestions for medications to take. I am gong to call the doctor again this morning and insist he do something this is ridiculous. My concern is my meds are not staying down, synthroid, prednisone for the eyes. Any help is appreciated.

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        Hi Denise,

        I can’t think of anything offhand for what you have. When I get fluish
        I take echineacia, vitamin c and lots of bed rest. If i get to the point of
        not keeping food down, I try and keep what I eat to liquid form (lots of
        chicken soup). The one thing I would be worried about with throwing up and
        diarreha is getting dehydrated. I hope you are able to get enough liquids.
        You may look into getting something called Pedialyte, it is like gatoraid,
        but is used for infants and children to help keep them hydrated and their
        electrolytes up. Mix it with juice, it is more palatable that way.

        I would definately keep on at the doctor, symptoms like this need to be
        seriously looked at, esp when they last more than a couple of days.

        good luck,
        Jean C

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