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      Does anyone have anxiety attacks like I do??? I can be going
      along with my day and all of a sudden I will feel like I am
      going to explode. I don’t know where to put myself, I feel
      very anxious about everything, I want to stop the world and
      go hide in a hole somewhere. It is so hard to explain the feeling
      I get. The only way to describe it is sometimes I feel like I want
      to stretch my legs and relieve the restless feeling. Does that make sense?
      I also have a problem with my eyes in that One of them (left) runs almost
      continuously. I get the least bit of wind or cold hitting that eye and
      BINGO It runs right off my face. It gets very annoying. Yet my Doctor says I’m
      in remission and my levels are great!!!! I sure don’t feel great,
      What Gives?
      Lynn from Toronto…

        Post count: 93172

        Hey You! Guess what I forgot to mention? I have Klippel-Fiel syndrome. Tell you all about it later.. Annn :)

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