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      I saw a post a day or so ago which had a statement in it that PTU did not pass into breast milk. That did not sound right to me, so I double checked with my drug reference material. Here is that statement from that reference:

      “These medicines pass into breast milk. (Methimazole passes into breast milk more freely and in higher amounts than propylthiouracil.) However, your doctor may allow you to continue to breast-feed, if your dose is low and the infant gets frequent check-ups. If you are taking a large dose, it may be necessary for you to stop breast-feeding during treatment.”

      The check-ups the baby needs are not necessarily the routine check-ups, but ones which involve having their thyroid function checked. From Wood, et. al., YOUR THYROID, “Antithyroid drugs (PTU and methimazole) can be carried to your baby in breast milk, so your physician may want to monitor the baby’s thyroid function if usch treatment is prolonged.” (p. 173)

      So, do not ASSUME that if you are on PTU it is safe to breast-feed your baby. It may well be, but the pediatrician needs to know about it, and your baby needs to be monitored.


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        Just curious if anyone has experienced liver damage from methimazole
        I have been taking it since April 96 and have not had any problems. I take
        a small dose (5mg. per day). Has anyone here had liver damage ? Does anyone
        know if 5mg can cause damage ? Just curious. I’m going to ask the doc
        for liver function tests at least once a year.


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          I was wondering what the long term effects are of
          p? I heard it can cause cancer, is this true?
          I also heard it is a carcinogen, isnt that poisen?
          All i know is my endo never discussed any of the
          possible LONG term effects, just said she wanted
          to test me occasionally for liver problems. I would
          really like to be informed about this. Thanks jen

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            If you run a “Search”, Jen, using the word “carcinogen”, you will find a statement by Dr. Nancy Patterson, quoting from information by one of the doctors that helps the NGDF with questions like this. The issue has come up before. Technically, the antithyroid drugs can produce thyroid tumors in rats. This information has been known for a long time. BUT when given in correct dosages in Graves’ treatment, they have NOT been shown to increase our risk of cancer. Go read Nancy’s post, because it explains it better.

            Bobbi — NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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