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      My thyroid disease started when I was diagnosed hypo about 4 years ago.

      I was on synthyroid for a few years when my thyroid reversed and went
      hyper. This happened approximately when I also developed a
      fiberonoma in my breast. Is there any correlation here? Curious if there could be any relationship here. I guess you could factor the stress in
      on a case like that.

      Anyway, I’ve been hyper the past year and a half and shuffled through
      a couple of endocronlogists (HMO’s suck) and I’m currently seeing an internal medicine doctor. I had a thyroid uptake of about 60% about two
      weeks ago. My blood work is only slightly hyper though. He diagnosed
      me with Grave’s Disease. Could someone explain to me how my uptake
      could be so high but my blood work pretty close to normal? I thought I understood but I don’t know.

      I have a multinodular goiter. He wants me to take an
      RAI treatment. I thought that would be best but I’m being to wonder if
      I should try to get a second opinion. Anybody have any thoughts????
      Oh yeah, right now I’m not taking any medication. About 6 months ago
      my blood work was in the normal so I was taken off the tapazole for a
      test period. It has not been till the last two/three months that I can feel the hyper symptoms coming back. I have noticeable but not very drastic symptoms mostly hyper but some hypo.

      I thought I was ready for the RAI treatment but I don’t know now?!?!?!?! If anyone has had any similar experiences, words of
      wisdom or advice, please share! I thought I knew what I wanted but I believe I’m just utterly confused right now.


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        Hi Jen – Read my message to Cindy on 6 Jan I think! I’m not sure how old you are but as I was told you should have RAI when you are older as the symptoms keep getting worse. My Dr. is just setting up my second treatment. I had one a year and a half ago and my levels were just above normal so I was not on any medicine. Now, having all these problems with my eyes and the fact that it is still a bit high I will have another drink! I also have a CAT scan scheduled for 7 AM on Tuesday. Is there a never end to this??? Take care. SAS

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