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      Hi Shannon,

      You have asked me this question before my hard drive crashed and I have
      been searching out an answer. Now after talking to many, many doctors I
      have one. Ready?? The answer is it depends. Not the answer you and others
      were looking for I know but that is the answer. It depends on age, skin type,
      elacisity (Skin stretcheness), scaring from previous surgery, Scaring from
      Graves etc.

      I have heard of lid adjustments up to ten times. Go to the doctor with an
      open mind and hope he/she has one as well. I say this because I am shocked
      at the number of people who e-mail or call me and tell me that their doctor
      was very upset they were looking for information on the internet.

      Live well, love much and grandfather’s blessings


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        Hi Everybody,

        I’m still having depression and anxiety. Doctor put
        me on medication to see if that will help.
        I’m having trouble with my right lid. It’s drooped
        down so now it’s not even with my right one. I had
        lid surgery a couple years ago. Now I’m waiting for an
        appt. to see a doctor in Toronto to fix it. I have no
        idea if this doctor is good or not, I’m terrified.
        How many times can you have lid surgery done without
        causing to much scar tissue? can anyone answer this?

        Love, Shannon.

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          Daer Shannon:
          Hi there Shannon,it was so nice to see your name on the BB again it’s been awhile hasn’t it,anyways welcome back if you have not been here in awhile girl. What’s the name of the doctor your seeing in Toronto,I was just there yesterday,maybe I saw the one you have to see.Wouldn’t that be strange to us,haha I too am being booked for the lid surgerey,also radiation treatments,where do you live anyways Shannon? Is it close to Peterborough,Ontario,this is where I’am. Hang in there Shannon,thats all the advice I can really give you right now,but what other choice do we have? Take one day at atime for now,don’t try and look in the future you might really get down then,hang in there girl,I know it gets hard at times I really feel for you right now but I’m not there to make you some tea or give you a hug but I can send one—-“-hug & hug again ” did you get them Shannon? There just for you and there very special ones for you,use when needed,ok? take care hope I helped alittle wimpsy bit,Barb

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            Hi Shannon,
            So glad to see you back on the BB
            If you let me know maybe I could check out the Doctor
            you are going to see. Do you know his name?
            if you need someplace to stay while you are in Toronto
            let us know because we live about 10 minutes from Downtown and
            could help you find your way around.
            have missed you BIG TIME.
            lots of Huggers, LynnthePB

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