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      Hi all,

      I have been watching the various posts over the years regarding the do’s and don’ts about RAI treatment. If one does a search on the topic you will find things such as; flush the toilet twice, use paper plates, stay away from small children etc. etc. etc. It seems to vary according to your Dr.’s opinion and the amount of RAI administered.

      What I don’t understand is, we are told to protect those around us by taking certain precautions yet at the same time we are told that RAI treatment has been done for 50 years and is totally safe. I realize that the Radiation passes through our bodies fairly quickly and shouldn’t be a health concern, but why then the concern for everyone around us. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about ourselves; afterall we are the ones who have to swallow the pill. Please don’t misunderstand what I am driving at; It is not my intent to instill the fear of God into everyone contemplating this treatment because many have done it and went on their merry way with no problems. It’s just that this reasoning is something that I personally have never been satisfied with.

      Just my 2 cents so to speak. Wishing everyone the best!!


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