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      Hi Everyone,

      I have not been sleeping very well again and I woke up today with
      those horrible feelings again. Sometimes my mind runs wild with
      awful thoughts. I got GD when I was 24, in 6 months I will be
      entering my 30’s. Scares me to death! All my friends have started
      families. Sometimes I feel like I have missed the most precious
      years of my life. A few months ago I couldn’t hold the tears back
      when I told my optho that I just wanted to get on with a normal life.
      He answered me by saying ” These things take time.” well how much
      time! I want a normal life, a life where I’m not feeling sick every
      other day. I now want to start a family but am advised by my doctors
      to wait. Am I sounding selfish? I don’t think so. Thanks for listening
      and I hope you understand my point. Who knows maybe tomorrow will
      be better.

      All the best,

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        Shannon, I would be lieing if I said I know exactly how you feel!
        But I can relate to the desire of wanting to be normal again and I haven’t
        had GD for quite a year yet so I can just image your thoughts. What
        I can do is put in a word of prayer for you! So hang in there….

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          Thanks TroyBoy, or can I call you Troy : ) I think we all want
          a normal life. I appreciate your prayers. You will be in mine
          All the best,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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