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    Hi everyone,

    Starting a month ago I noticed a change in my vision in my right eye. My very first thought was TED. I was highly upset, even shocked, since I had been feeling so well and everything was going well. Finally the Graves rollercoaster was at an end. And, Shirley, I thought of you.
    After my first appointment with my Opthalmologist I was immediately sent to a retina specialist, who diagnosed “wet macular degeneration” in my right eye. They stuck a q-tip in the eye to numb it and then gave me a shot in the eyeball. This will continue every 4 weeks until the problem is resolved and the shots are spaced out and I am weaned off. Hopefully the other eye will stay healthy.
    Now, luckily, the doctors said this has nothing to do with thyroid disease. It’s more like an age related issue. So, I am glad it’s not TED.
    But it does go to show that when one thinks the mountain is behind there is another waiting to be conquered.
    I hope you all are doing ok and are feeling well today and forgive me for taking up your time.


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    Barbra, my husband is a retina doc and did those injections (he just retired). The injections do work well and can result in restoring your vision. Hang in there!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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