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      well i now im hyper and you know i cant sleep
      so i write on the bb for luck that my head will
      hit the pillow soon for sleep im tired of getting
      up by noon i guess alot of people would say cool but
      the hyper hyper camper is no fool so i will go
      to sleep now i tried counting sleep, and i tryed counting
      beer but than the sleep got drunk and burped in my ear.

      love , steve

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        you are a poet and just dont know it…..

        Steve—-ya gotta turn around here somehow….have you tried eating some toast and warm milk befoe bed and put on nickelodean re runs of the munsters, etc???

        what i finds happens to me is i go into these cycles where i cant sleep until late….i feel tired by nine but keep going and wake up too much…
        then i cant fall asleep til two am…..then wake up at ten …take my meds too late and then whammo …i am up too late again……then i get littlle mini depression and headaches for a few days to follow…….

        if you could somehow break the pattern u may get on track…i know it sounds easier than it really is but try it…….maybe a warm bath at eleven and a glass of warm milk and boring tv will do it…….i am working on it myself right now but i am trying to stay away from the computer because
        i start lurking around and before you know it…it is 3 am…..

        btw are y ou iin Canada
        we are going to Barrie===near Wassaga Beach

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          just woke up,i dont drink milk
          and barrie, ont Yes i know where
          it is about a 6 hrs from me are you
          going there on vacation. Gee when im
          hyper i should stay away from the bb
          i just cant belive what i put up there
          later , crazy steve

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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