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      Ok, first I was JRJones. (Too impersonal and all thought I was
      a guy.) Went to Julie. My hubby reads this BB and thought I was
      the Julie considering orbital decompression!! OK, guess I’ll be Juls.

      To: AnnN and Kiersten:

      It is the absolute pits when you get hit with yet another medical issue.
      I remember the dispair I felt when after having been diagnosed
      with asthma so bad I had a disabled permit (was very sick every day with no
      improvement in sight-was that way for 8 years), then within a few months
      went hypo, got diagnosed with diabetes and then got hit with Graves.

      I have not shared this with anyone before because I just don’t get
      depressed. The Graves sent me driving around the city not knowing
      what to do. I cried. The nuclear medicine doctor also said I
      would gain back the 130 pounds I just lost once I received the
      RAI. Not a single church
      was open. Any denomination would have been ok. It was like God had
      shut the door. I looked for a
      bar but chickened out and thought of what the alcohol would
      do to my blood sugar. I finally went to a Baskin Robins, didn’t
      go in and cried in the parking lot. No one understood. Not my family.
      Not my friends. Not God it seemed. I asked why. I got the answer I always get.
      To walk in another’s shoes is a humbling experience. It provides
      for understanding of, and empathy for, others. I may not know
      that person but they exist somewhere. It indeed was a test of faith too.

      It took a while. I called my diabetes educator for support. She understood.
      My doctor didn’t. (Her attitude was “Just get nuked. Everyone does it.
      It is safe and there is nothing to worry about.”) I considered it yet another
      thing going wrong with my body. I wondered what was next. I had been so sick
      from high blood sugar (825!) and asthma. I didn’t know what to expect.
      Dispair was an awful thing. Finding those who understand helps. Know that
      there are those out there that support you and understand having yet another
      medical issue and not seeing any improvement.

      Prayers, peace and love,

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