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      Yes Audrey–that problem goes along with hyper bowels–lucky you! :) It gets better!

      Are all your friends and family asking if you glow in the dark yet?

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        I know that one of the symptoms is “more frequent bowel movements.” I
        have the problem of umm, what shall I say? Flatus…passing gas…
        well actually it is more like farting a lot. It this a common experience?
        I have changed my diet to lots more soy products, tofu, soy milk and so
        forth . I take Beano (that is NOT a thyroid medication). It helps some.
        I know I should go on a program of no bean products for a week and see if
        it clears up.
        Saturday thoughts. I know I’m radioactive so I’m staying home and eating
        off paper plates. Feeling rather edgy. Actually I feel more like I
        have a terrible case of jet lag. Not knowing whether to sleep, eat, rest,
        or what. My RAI was yesterday.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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