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      Finally something that really works for dry eye! Restasis did nothing for the 3 years I was on it except make my eyelashes grow crooked into my eyes. Just short of three weeks on Xiidra and I forget I have dry eyes for long periods during the day. Lubricating drops are about every 3-4 hours, and then not because my eyes feel bad but because one eye starts getting a small red spot, whereas it was hourly before. I have slept with one eye uncovered by plastic and just gel for the first time, will try the other eye with the higher lid height tomorrow. It is as expensive as Restasis but like Restasis where you are supposed to discard the vial after one use, I get several uses per vial with refigeration. This stuff is truly amazing. I have tried every drop on the market and have lower puncta occluded (which also helped a lot) but nothing has worked like this. Hoping more insurance plans will start to cover this.

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        Thanks for the update! So glad to hear that you are finally getting good results. Interestingly, Dr. Raymond Douglas did a live Facebook chat yesterday and he mentioned that his patients had experienced better results with “light cauterization” than with punctal plugs for dry eye.

        For anyone who is interested, you can go to Facebook and do a search for ” Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness & Education” for more info on Dr. Douglas’ practice.

        Dr. Douglas is also planning to do a Q&A on this forum in January – more details to come!

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          Kimberly, Dr Douglas is actually my eye surgeon. He did my punctal cauterizations, as well as my decompressions and lid surgeries. I travel to Ann Arbor to see him, although he will be permanently in CA soon.

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            Liz, thank you for mentioning this. Dry eyes, and the inability to have them close while sleeping, is a big issue for me. Will ask for an RX for Xiidra.
            Sorry Dr. Douglas is leaving you. But he was there when you really needed him. That is a big plus!

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              Shirley, be sure to download the coupon for a free month supply if you have Medicare and take the printout to the pharmacy. If on private insurance, there is a coupon for $250. Get coupons on the Xiidra website. Hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

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