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      Hi, Steve! Welcome to the BB! Most of us have experienced your same
      feelings of uncertainty and fear of the future after our diagnosis
      of Graves’. The most important step that you’ve taken so far was to
      receive treatment, because *untreated* Graves’ would lead to definite
      complications and possibly death.

      Personally, I had RAI in 1990, had no side effects, and within three
      months was within normal thyroid levels. I had continued problems
      with my eyes, but that doesn’t mean that the eye disease is in your
      future, also. The only things for certain are that Graves’ treats
      everyone differently and there are no guarantees about the future.
      (Are there ever??) My doctors have told me that once my thyroxine was
      stabilized and my eyes were treated that I would return to a normal
      life without Graves’-related problems, and that has been the case.
      There are more stories out there about the people who were successfully
      treated for Graves’ than not. However, the posters on this BB tend to
      be newbies to the disease, or are people having continuing problems
      with their treatment and/or symptoms. There aren’t too many old-timers,
      because life *does* return to normal and posting becomes a very low

      My best advice is to learn as much as you can about Graves’ Disease.
      Particularly learn the symptoms of hypothyroidism, as that is where
      you’ll be heading as the RAI gradually shuts down your thyroid. As you
      enter this stage your doctors will prescribe thyroxine to keep your
      TSH levels within normal ranges. It may take awhile to adjust your
      dosage, but eventually the RAI will stop doing its “magic.” Visit the
      National Graves’ Disease Foundation’s website at for info
      and more links.

      Best of luck to you, Steve! May Graves’ be kind to you.
      Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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        I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 6 weeks ago, and of Graves disease 2 weeks ago. My main symptoms are anxiety, nevousness, and foggy headedness. My Endo is like some others I read about- does little explaining. I took a radioiodine pill on Christmas eve. I was told I would begin to feel better in about a month, and that within three months I would be back to normal. Was this a crock? Am I to expect a liftime of problems? Some of the postings I read tonight have me concerned.

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