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    I have a friend on Armour. When they got their refill, they found they
    had to increase their dosage and they remarked that it smelled real bad.
    They are now changing to “Naturethroid” which is a hypoallergenic form
    of natural thyroid hormone. It is sold by Jones Medical. If you would
    like information, contact Frank Misuraca at 800-525-8466, Ext. 1020.
    He was very knowledgable about their product Naturethroid and Westthroid
    (which is the same as Armour).

    Post count: 93172

    Thanx for the info. I’ll call him. I had a potency problem on a generic
    thyroid preparation once. Luckily, I had counts taken soon afterwards
    and it showed as low on my blood work. I let the pharmacy know and they
    changed vendors. It sounds like your friends got a bad batch, maybe from a
    generic producer. I don’t trust them. Make sure your doctor allows
    no substitutions as generics have bad potencies.
    Armour thyroid should have no odor at all.

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