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      Dave well this makes me wonder
      i have allergies and go for shots
      but i have been having problems
      with breathing never thought it maybe
      the syntroid if you find some readings send
      them along bud


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        In my previous post about “feeling your thyroid medicine
        in an hour” George assumed that I meant feeling good.
        He also said you may be feeling a “placebo effect”.
        The feelings I have are far from a good feeling! In an
        hour after I take the Synthroid, I get shortness of breath,
        nausea, diarrhea, muscle aching, a low grade fever and
        trembling and shaking. Basically flu like symptoms. This
        has happened from the very first day I started taking the
        Synthroid 5 years ago. The doctors said it was just a matter
        of adjustment and then said I needed a second treatment of
        I131(which I had), however, it’s still going on.

        I just found out information that I wish I had been told in
        the beginning. In the U.S. Pharmacopeia DI, page 2854, in
        the 1998 edition, it says under Patient Consultation, before
        using this medication, conditions affecting use, especially
        “allergy to thyroid hormones” along with other conditions.
        You can find this book at your local medical library. This
        isn’t new information, it’s been in there for awhile. When
        I asked a doctor about this, he said it was just a disclaimer
        and not to believe it. I spoke with the people at the U.S.
        Pharmacopeia and they said it is not a disclaimer. All
        information they put in their book is approved by an advisory
        panel of medical experts. Two of the people on this panel
        are David Cooper and Betty Dong.

        One doctor said it would have to be from the dyes or inactive
        ingredients and not the T4 itself. But if I have tried the
        white pills and the different brands that have different
        inactive ingredients, then would that not make you think that
        it’s from the T4? And believe me, it’s not a placebo effect!

        Any comments . .


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