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      I had the right side of my thyroid removed at the beginning of the month and my T3/T4 levels are still through the roof, so much so that I am expected to go back to remove my left side. Originally, I was slated to get a total thyroidectomy, but my surgeon decided to play it safe and see how I do with one side still intact as my nerves seemed stretched. I go for my vocal cord test tomorrow and am expecting to have that conversation with my surgeon about removing the other side. I honestly cannot fathom doing this again, but my endocrinologist is insistent upon removing the other side due to preliminary symptoms of eye disease. I would love to hear from someone who has their thyroid totally removed; I really want to know how your life has changed since your surgery and if you may have helpful tips to assist me in living a healthier life without Grave’s disease and by extension without my thyroid (diet, medication etc.). I feel so defeated, I was really hoping that with one side of my thyroid I would be able to eliminate the need for Methimazole or hormone replacing medications; I also want to know how taking hormone replacement medication has affected you and your health. I expedited this surgery since my liver enzyme count has been dramatically affected by the methimazole, only to find that one surgery was not enough; please tell me this gets better. It has to…

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        Hello and welcome – you will hopefully get some responses here from those who have had a thyroidectomy, but you might also consider visiting the GDATF on Facebook and joining our closed group, as it tends to be more active than this forum.

        Hope that all goes well at your appointment!

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          I had a total thyroidectomy 6 months after Graves diagnosis (5 years ago). The eye disease began after two months on methimazole and I elected TT to try to stop progression. The surgery was easy and I immediately felt normal. My levothyroxine dose was pretty close right after surgery and has not changed much since then. The eye disease did burn out pretty rapidly post thyroid removal but a lot of damage had already occurred. I wish I had had the surgery even sooner than I did. I feel exactly as I did preGraves, except for the residual eye issues. I take one little pill every morning, wait an hour before eating and get my TSH checked every six months to a year by my internist. No worries about thyroid cancer or liver problems or thyroid storm or fluctuating and frequent labs. If you have Graves disease, your thyroid has been attacked and is diseased. You can do just fine without it.

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