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      Diagnosed with Graves disease Nov 1, 2016, take methamazole 10mg(m.w.f) 5mg(sat,sun,tu,thu,. my Dec 22,2016 labs: Tsh:<0.019 uIu/m std range: 0.350-5.500 uIu/m, free T4: 1.1 std range:0.8-1.7ng/dl, free T3: 3.0 std range:2.3-4.2 pg/ml.

      Nov 28,2016 suffering from arthritis in shoulder rheumatologist gave me
      low dose of injection of methylprednisolone in shoulder, Can this injection
      have a negative effect on my tsh or free T3/free T4 levels?

      Thanks for response,

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        Hello and welcome – I’ve not seen any literature that says steroid therapy can affect thyroid levels, but hopefully, others who have taken steroids for thyroid eye disease can jump in here with their experiences.

        This early in the process, you are hopefully getting labs done regularly – and if you start to feel symptoms changing before your next appointment, don’t be afraid to call your doctor’s office to ask for a new set of labs ASAP.

        Take care – and please keep us posted on how you are doing!

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          I was on high dose IV steroid infusions once weekly for 6 weeks prior to thyroidectomy while on methimazole and for six weeks post thyroidectomy. I was on high dose oral prednisone for several months surrounding orbital radiation. I was put on oral steroids again for six weeks this fall for inflammation following lid surgery. I noticed no effect on my thyroid labs. I did, however, gain a few pounds, not unusual with steroids.

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