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      I am new to the whole “hypo” thing as I just had RAI three months ago and just went hypo recently but I can tell you that everybody is different. Some people need higher TSH levels to feel normal while others may want to be on the low side. I know that when I was still hyper and my “T” levels went up just a little it was enough to make me feel hyper although the endo said it was within normal range.

      The important thing is to find a doctor who will listen to you and let you determine what levels feel best for you. I think you’ll see the “warriors” will emphasize that again and again.

      Good luck in getting to feeling back to normal again.


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        my tsh done friday was 2.16 —my t4 was 10.4
        this is what the dr ordered as i have been on
        replacement for quite a while……..
        the last test i had done during the winter was 2.56
        and my t4 was around the same…………
        i asked this winter to go up from .125 to .138
        because i was still feeling hypo….and i still am
        but while taking l38 daily i went a little wired
        called him and went alternating every other…..still
        wired so i went back to 125 for the past month or more..
        The thing is is that i am still having hypo like symptoms..
        fatigue,headache==dull pressure above the eyes,horseish voice,
        FELT THIS WAY AT THESE LEVELS?? I am wondering if my 90 day perscription
        that i am almost out of is running out of potency? or maybe i need to
        throw in a .138 every now and then???? HELP thanks guys!!!!!

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