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      I found at least one of the sources on pregnancy after RAI that I referred to. It can be found in The Thyroid Book by Martin I Surks, M.D. I’ll keep looking, if you would like, but here is this one (pp.74).

      And before I quote it, it is important to make a distinction between having RAI BEFORE getting pregnant, and having RAI DURING pregnancy. Having RAI during pregnancy is NOT recommended.

      Because Graves’ hyperthyroidism occurs frequently in wormen who are planning to have children, questions are almost always raised about the effects of radioactive iodide on subsequent pregnancies. The amount of radiation exposure to the ovaries or the testes is small — similar to the radiation exposure during commonly performed x-ray procedures such as the barium enema, ordered by gastroenterologists to evaluate the large colon, or the intravenous pyelogram, done to evaluate the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. There is no evidence that children of mothers who have been treated with radioactive iodide BEFORE pregnancy have an increased incidence of abnormalities. If you are hyperthyroid and want to bear children, you can be assured that radioactive iodid treatment is safe, both for you and your future offspring.”

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