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      Hi Trish,
      There is some, I’d call it discomfort in some of the spots, but other spots there is not. If your body part is not relaxed, you will notice a pinching. I didn’t have my hand in a comfortable position the first time, and had a needle in it, so wound up holding my hand tense for the whole treatment. Now I know that when he says are you comfortable, to take a few seconds and make sure I am, because that is his signal to leave the room and lower the lights. The pain is like a sharp pinch, not much, and much less than a blood test. If it does bother you, tell him, he can put a little topical cooling gel that makes all the difference. Even after the needle is in, you can ask for a little gel. The tension is higher the first time because, if you are like me, it is all strange and mysterious. I’m sure my reactions are individual, but at least you have some idea of how it goes for me. He put 8 needles in various places the first few times, asked if I was comfortable, and then left me to relax, meditate, whatever, for about 20 minutes. Then he comes in and takes them out, most times I really don’t know if they are still in or not, he tells me he’s done! Karen

    Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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